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Your continued use of the Ustazy 4 English platform is based on acceptance of the terms of use mentioned in this document (page), which set out the conditions that any visitor who registers on the platform must comply with and observe. These Terms are revised periodically from time to time for better service and higher quality.


Your use of the Ustazy 4 English platform means your full acceptance of its terms of use. Therefore, you should read this document (page) to know the conditions that you must follow; To deal with the platform in a manner that does not violate any of its terms or policies. You can also see our privacy policy document to learn more.


Intellectual property and trademark:

The sole owner of the Ustazy 4 English platform is Masters E-Commerce (Master Group) LLC, and the trademark or platform name must not be used for any commercial purposes. Whoever violates this is subject to legal accountability.


Competing brands:

The Ustazy 4 English platform does not accept the presence of any competing brands here on the platform; Because this causes harm to the interest of the visitor and the interest of the platform, and you must not make any attempt aimed at marketing a specific brand of your own, or of others. Whoever violates this is subject to legal accountability.


Ustazy 4 English platform content:

The content on the platform is the property of the Ustazy 4 English platform only. It is only available for learning and knowledge, and you must not copy or transmit it. Whoever violates this is subject to legal accountability.


Last update 22/8/2021

We periodically update these Ustazy 4 English Terms of Use from time to time. When we do this, we place a note on the site indicating the modification we have made, so that you enter the Terms of Use page and read it carefully, and then know your duty to the site.

If there is any ambiguous or unclear part to you, or if you find any error in the details of this document (page), please contact us and tell us about that.

For any inquiries about these terms, please contact us via our e-mail: info@ustazy4english.com

Ustazy 4 English platform was developed to achieve our vision of creating an interesting and interactive e-learning experience that encourages the Arab person to develop his level in the English language, facilitates the follow-up of educational attainment, and encourages interaction with the English language without boredom or hardship.

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